April 2024

Gardening season 2024 is slowly getting rolling.

jetfire daffodils

On the planning side, I’ve been chipping away at redesigning the perennial garden by reading The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to Planting and Pruning Techniques, and taking notes. We don’t plan to do any planting until next spring, which gives me plenty of time to plan and prepare. Which we will need. It’s a mess. We’ve also been researching sugar maples. We lost our pear tree a couple of years ago and the volunteer oak we replaced it with didn’t take, so we’ve decided to replace it with another sugar maple. We’re having trouble finding a Legacy sugar maple. We already have one that survived so we think it’s a good candidate. 

In the garden we’ve taken care of some annual chores like pruning roses and ornamental grass. We also did something that should have been an annual chore: pruning the forsythia. Ours hasn’t bloomed for a few years so we gave it a much needed thinning to encourage some bloom next year. Fingers crossed.

We cleared out a rose bed that had become infested with indian grass. No more rough compost! We think that’s where the seeds came from. We really liked the indian grass in the meadow but it’s decided to grow everywhere but. We pruned a couple of low limbs from the crabapples so we don’t get decapitated mowing the lawn. We also pruned the wall of arborvitae that form the front wall to our secret garden, so we could better see the tops of the crabapples, and the yellow barberries in front of the arborvitae, to keep them separated.

Oh, and in March we started some tomato, pepper, and basil seeds.

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