railing and flowers

The Gazebo

We knew we wanted a screened gazebo at our new house. We had one at our old house and we LOVED it. It was our summer living room. (And we stretched it to spring and fall when we could.) The mosquitos aren’t as bad here because there’s often a breeze, but it can still be unpleasant sitting outside at dusk. Which is generally when we want to do it!

mourning doves


The Deck

The deck was one of the first things we added to the house because without it the only access to the backyard was through the garage or the basement. We love it. We just didn’t enjoy doing it twice.

shrub with butterfly


Foundation Plantings

I find most foundation plantings boring. A few tortured shrubs with some standard annuals plunked in front during the summer. Maybe some hanging baskets. Meh. Fine for a standard colonial maybe. I wanted something different.