How it started | How it’s going

People ask me what we grow. I sometimes think it’s easier to say what we don’t grow.

bird in tree
cornfieldyard with shed and flowering trees

Over time we’ve added:

  • A yard
  • A meadow
  • A windbreak/privacy screen
  • Foundation plantings
  • Landscaping on slopes around the house (it’s a walkout)
  • A shed
  • A compost pile
  • A deck and gazebo
  • A vegetable garden
  • An herb garden
  • A pond and a patio
  • Island beds in the front yard
  • A perennial garden
  • A secret garden
  • Other trees and shrubs

I’ll talk about what we planned, how it worked out (and didn’t work out) and what we have yet to do.

I’ll cover both the plants and the hardscaping, because some of our hardscaping is really cool. (And the other gardening partner is a carpenter and generally handy, so most of it is DIY.)